Discover: dude inside

2020 dude inside

According to dude inside‘s bandcamp page this Cincinnati artist “never really thought of (himself) as a musician and if you really poked at me and squished my face up against a mirror and asked me to look deep within and point at what the core of my identity was, I’d probably say something like “scientist” or “question-asker” but even that would come with a little hesitance, so i always experience some discomfort when sharing art I’ve made with others.”

He used the time in quarantine finally put this collection of songs out there and I’m sure glad he did. The song “Iterate Forever” is classic sit and fiddle until something perfectly weird comes out and shimmers with attitude and dance. It has lyrics and they’re hidden behind a paywall of vocal effects. It’s a lovely song full of kitsch and fun built on the simple hand-clap. Can’t wait to see what else comes from this artist. If there’s any to be heard at all.

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