Discover: Square Wave

2020 Tung Records

The debut track “Luvy Duvy” from Square Wave opens with the lyrics “If I ever am sleeping, please don’t hesitate to wake me, I don’t need to dream when you’re with me” which is kind of ironic because this song leaves me in a dream. This is a lovely track full of washed out guitars and dreamlike ambiance that reminds me of all the great Shoegaze/Dream Pop bands from the 80’s/early 90’s like My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins. It’s a welcome return to a sound that really shouldn’t have faded so far out of view. It’ll be really interesting to see how they fill out the rest of their catalogue and I’m really excited to see what else they’ve got up their sleeve.

In their Facebook bio they describe themselves as “Hailing from the not-so-sunny shores of Southend-on-Sea, Essex trio SQUARE WAVE combine dreamlike, ethereal guitars with groovy bass and thundering drums. Not shy of tackling the phantasmagorical and otherworldly, SQUARE WAVE include drooling, relaxed vocal lines to offer an insight into what it’s like to live as an outsider in a time of intense social pressure and alienation.”

Check out Square Wave on Degraded’s 2020 July Spotify Playlist!

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