Discover: Kuzu

This track which was submitted via the contact page is an abstract piece built around the theme of the 1970 film “Phantom of the Paradise.” Kuzu is a 17 year old producer from Livorno, Italy who started producing tracks four years ago. He describes the track as not “really having a specified genre, but would say it’s a meeting point between Downtempo, Future Bass and IDM/Glitch.” Unspecifiable music is what moves the medium forward with abstract ideas that others will grow and expand on in the future. The song “It’s All Coming Together at Last” feels like an artist statement. Like drawing a line in the sand and saying all who cross will follow my lead.

This is the first offering from an upcoming EP he plans to release in the near future and I can’t wait to hear what else he comes up with. It’s a very interesting release from a very interesting young man. He takes great inspiration from Italian artist Giorgio De Chirico and wonders what it’s like “being behind a painting” and “how people behind paintings live, if their laws are different.” Abstract ideas like this are great thought experiments and can lead to drastic changes in artistic styles and musical breakthroughs. It seems like Kuzu is up to something great and will forge his own path through his artistic endeavors.

Check out Kuzu on Degraded’s July 2020 Spotify Playlist.

2 thoughts on “Discover: Kuzu

  1. Thank you so much for posting it, I am glad you liked my music and my interpretation of how I try to communicate with art!


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