Five (Random) Questions with Casey Virock from Porcupine

photo credit: Chris Goyette

Five (Random) Questions is our short interview series in which we use a random question generator to ask weird questions to your favorite artists. Today’s interview is with Casey Virock, the lead singer and guitarist from the veteran Midwest rock band Porcupine.

Have you ever had a terrible house guest? If so, what happened?

Casey: Yes, It’s been awhile but I remember this house guest being intoxicated on arrival. That’s never a good sign. Things got tense and a bit chaotic after the house guest, who was a bit wobbly, stumbled into something resulting in a loud crash. It was time to call the house guest a cab ride home.

What do you consider the most difficult food to eat?

Casey: Crab Legs. They’re delicious, but too much work.

What’s the story behind your greatest treasure?

Casey: It would have to be my Fender CS Jazzmaster. I bought it in 2012. It was the most expensive guitar I’d ever purchased. It also was the best playing and best sounding Jazzmaster I’d ever played. Had to have it. I traded three guitars and some cash for it. It’s been my main guitar.

How do you think your reality differs from others you know?

Casey: I don’t know that my reality is or was any different than people I know. We’re all in the same boat right now. I’m just trying to take care of myself and my family the best I can without losing my mind. People are struggling right now with the situation. I’ve lost a few people to Covid and some days things get heavy on my heart. I realize that millions of people are feeling the same thing. We just have to wait it out and help one anther in the meantime.

What is the easiest way to bring a smile to your face?

Casey: When I get a call or text from my son, Ian. I’m fortunate that he calls or texts a lot.

For the latest news and music releases check out Porcupine’s website and Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out their fantastic 2019 album “Carrier Wave” on Spotify!

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