Discover: Tal Zucker

2020 Tal Zucker

Backed by a smooth horn section Tel Aviv based singer Tal Zucker‘s “Blanket of Sunshine” is a warm crooning ballad that would feel right at home in any upscale Las Vegas lounge. She is also an actor and model, but when she steps up to the microphone that is where she really shines. She has an absolutely stunning voice. When I hear her sing the lyrics “The highlight of my day is your hug, it wraps me like a blanket of sunshine” it brings me a warm feeling and anyone in love can understand that sentiment.

Blanket of Sunshine” is a throwback to an era bygone and where singers are backed by a classy big band in tuxedo’s and the star of the show wore a sequence dress that would sparkle in the spotlight. Tal Zucker is that sparkle and her debut single leaves me wanting more. At age 21, I think were in store for a lot more sparkle and class. Keep up the great work!

Check her out on Degraded’s July 2020 Spotify Playlist.

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