Discover: Golda May

2020 Golda May

Golda May‘s new song “Hear Me Out” is an outstanding example of cinematic chamber pop music. It’s a change in style from her previous releases like the straight up folk “Dear Los Angeles” or the nervous pop energy of “Wish I Was Someone Else” and “Under.” It’s a very interesting new direction.

This wouldn’t be out of place if it was set into a new Sigur Rós or Bjork album. The beautiful organs and guitar plucks are a perfect backdrop to her front and center vocals. On her Facebook page she lists Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, and Fleet Foxes among her favorite bands. I think she took a bunch of inspiration from them, but in the best way possible. By developing her own version of their sound. It’s has the epic textures of early Grizzly Bear and is accompanied by the arty weirdness of Radiohead. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s Golda May‘s own universe of sound.

Check her out on Degraded’s July 2020 Spotify Playlist.

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