Discover: FERAL

2020 Big Hoax

Full of defiant energy FERAL‘s “Fat Cop” is a big f#%k you to anyone who gets in their way, especially if you’re a portly officer of the law. The heavily distorted guitars are backed by powerfully pounded drums that drives the message home, “You’re Never Gonna Catch Me!” FERAL is off and running away with the sound of angst and anger in a world where we are still learning how to not kill people over what should be minor encounters with law enforcement. It’s a world that is burning because of these encounters and if you need a soundtrack to the unrest, FERALS EP “Crash & Burn” should be it.

The rest of their catalogue consists of two other songs including the EP’s title track “Crash & Burn” and “Shark Attack.” Both contain the punk rock greatness of “Fat Cop” and are well worth your time. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information on upcoming releases and news.

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