Five (Random) Questions with Nur-D

Five (Random) Questions is our short interview series in which we use a random question generator to ask weird questions to your favorite artists. Today’s interview is with your seventh favorite rapper Nur-D.

What is something that you find mildly annoying, but not annoying enough to do anything about?

Nur-D: If I am showing someone a song, video, movie, etc for the first time and they talk through it. 

What’s stopping you?

Nur-D: Normally I just understand that they aren’t cool enough for it anyway and will ignore the next thing they try to show me. #princepetty

What do you know is bad for you but you continue to do it anyway?

Nur-D: Drink Soda. I know that I probably shouldn’t and I am trying to cut back…but I love me a cold soda.

Where was your secret hiding place as a child?

Nur-D: In my mind. I was too big and too black to really hide anywhere.

What is socially acceptable today that you think won’t be in 10 years?

Nur-D: Saying “Hey Guys” “You Guys” or using the term “guys” to point out a group of people.

For the latest news and music releases check out Nur-D’s website and Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out his fantastic new album “Trapped in My Room” on Spotify!

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