Discover: Marc DiNero and Rick Boom

2020 WellVersed Music/RBM

Without missing a beat Marc DiNero and Rick Boom lay out issues in the black community in their latest single “Riot.” In the song they plead “they put their knees on our necks,” “we deserve to be equally treated,” and “right fists in the air, we want a prosecution.” These issues – police brutality, white supremacy, black Americans treated as animals – are not new, but the song could not be more relevant right now. I believe we’re in the beginning stages of a revolution and it’s all thanks to those who showed up and protested police brutality.

Musically, “Riot” is great, but the message is what truly matters. All they want is to be treated equally. Nothing more. They want to feel as if their lives matter. Nothing more. They want the murderers brought to justice. Nothing more. Putting Breonna Taylor‘s murderers behind bars would be a good starting point.

To help the cause consider donating to the legal defense fund or better yet, listen to what they have to say. Educate yourself, get out of their way and follow their lead. And for f@#k’s sake stop saying “all lives matter.”

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