Discover: The People Between

2020 Manic Pop Thrill

The People Between are a Minnesota based collective that packs a lot of fun into their songs and their latest single “We’re Coming Back” is no exception. “We’re Coming Back” is a joyous romp of rock and roll with distorted guitars and a fun, declarative chorus. The B-Side is a cover of Jeremy Messersmith‘s “Everyone Gets a Kitten” is a look at what it would be like if The Sex Pistols and Regina Spektor had a punk rock obsessed kitschy lovechild. There isn’t anything to not enjoy with this release. Just pure unfiltered fun!

According to the band these singles were made “while sheltering-at-home in upstate New York, [after] Nick Petropoulos sent Jim McGuinn (Saint Small) a song of urgent guitar riffs and an email about the separation, distance, and hope that one day soon… [they’re] coming back. McGuinn fleshed out words and melody, added his guitar, and next the duo solicited friends, neighbors, and musicians from around the corner and around the globe to join in. Drummer Noah Levy (Brian Setzer) hammered out the beat in his new home studio, and McGuinn mixed all the pieces together.”

It’s amazing how tight and organized everything sounds considering everything was recorded remotely during a pandemic. These songs pack quite the power pop punch. Just a fun duo of songs designed to bring a smile to your face during a time of increasing anxiety over health and safety. The tightness of the songs is especially impressive when you find out that the songs feature more than 30 background singers from all over the world.

According to the singer/organizer Jim McGuinn the “background singers come from McGuinn’s Saint Paul block, but also through Minnesota, NY, LA, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, London, and even Gdansk, Poland – musicians impacted by the these times, and include MN locals like John Munson (Semisonic), Mark Mallman, Katy Vernon, Dylan Hicks, and Martin Devaney, along with out-of-town members of The Dream Syndicate, Mumford & Sons, The Weakerthans, Zuzu’s Petals, Trupa Trupa, Big Mother Gig, and more.”

The best part is that all proceeds from the single benefit New York’s City Meals on Wheels and Twin Cities Music Community Trust.

Be sure to check them out on Spotify and follow them on Facebook for all news on upcoming releases.

You can listen to The People Between on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify Playlist.

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