Discover: The Healthy People

2020 The Healthy People

From the first chugs of the opening notes I could tell that this song was going to be really special. Blistering guitars and equally impressive vocals make “I Don’t Know” one of my favorite songs I’ve heard all summer. This Swedish punk band really has a knack for mixing aggression and melodies perfectly. The theme of the song is something I think we all can understand, being left in the dark and “what is it that I don’t know?”

They honestly remind me of Misfits or The Damned and that’s high praise. We need more music like this today. Today’s climate is ripe for punk to make a comeback and lead the musical lives for many. I think The Healthy People could be a leader in that category as “I Don’t Know” is very impressive and I can’t recommend it enough! I hope they keep it up!

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You can listen to them on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify Playlist.

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