Discover: The BRKN

The BRKN are a Denver area band who rolled on the scene in 2019 to some modest success with their pop punk debut No.3. Stylistically their new song “Be Cool” seems like a huge step forward from their pop punk beginnings. This is a big time song from a relatively new band and is tailor-made for a packed concert venue. With a track this strong The BRKN are no longer courting your attention they are demanding it.

Be Cool” is exactly what great summer rock songs are supposed to be: great grooves, tight production, and you’ll catch yourself singing along very quickly. This track is catchy as hell with some attitude sprinkled in for good measure and most of all it’ll make you dance. The BRKN have pulled no punches. This is a great song whose hook will stay with you well after you’ve heard it and has a nasty little breakdown at the end for you to rock your ass out to. Do yourselves a favor and put this on your favorite summer playlist.

Check out the music video below. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all news on future release dates.

You can listen to The BRKN and other great artists on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify playlist. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Discover: The BRKN

  1. I listened to this track twice and really liked it! I found it to be very catchy. It’s a band I don’t think I would have heard on my own, I usually listen to mainstream alternative and pop, but I liked it all the same. I am also excited about listening to the August 2020 Playlist you have on Spotify. Thanks for the great discovery! I look forward to learning about more great bands on this blog.


    1. That’s really great! I’m glad you liked it! There’s so much great music and a lot of gems go unnoticed. I’m just trying to shed some light on these hidden talents.


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