Discover: SYM1

2020 Placebo Records

Hungry Eyes” by Minneapolis’s SYM1 is a dance track that has a bit of a dark undertone to it. This could very easily find itself in a movie scene where vampires are entering the club and the dancers are their prey. “Hungry Eyes” will prey on you. The infectious, perfectly produced beat pushes her beautiful voice to the forefront and its mood stays with you. It’s smart dance music. I love this song.

There is a certain beauty to this song. It rides the line somewhere between straight pop and darkwave, but everything is in the right place. It has personality in an era when everyone else is trying to sound like anyone but themselves. SYM1 is an artist to watch out for. She is immensely talented and I really want to hear more.

For all news and updates on future releases be sure to follow SYM1 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the song “Hungry Eyes” below!

Check out SYM1 and other great artists on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify Playlist!

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