Premier: The Healthy People present “Insults in Fake Russian”

2020 The Healthy People

After a string of singles released over the past couple of years, Swedish alt/punk three-piece The Healthy People have dropped their debut album, “Insults in Fake Russian.” Coming in just short of 18 minutes the album is short, but sweet. The songs are all carefully crafted in their songwriting and musicianship. The standout song for me is, “I Don’t Know,” whose punk rock energy and angst will rip a hole through your eardrums. This album is a garage rock standout reminiscent of late ’70s records from bands like The Damned or New York Dolls.

It’s a very strong debut from a band to keep an eye on. The keen songwriting, aggressive guitar work, and melodic structure to the songs leave the band with a lot from which they can build. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome album and rock the hell out!

Be sure to follow The Healthy People on Facebook and Instagram. Listen to “Insults in Fake Russian” below.

You can listen to The Healthy People and other great artists on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify playlist.

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