Five (Random) Questions with Chris Sele from STÖRMBREAKER

Five (Random) Questions is our short interview series in which we use a random question generator to ask weird questions to your favorite artists. Today’s interview is with Chris Sele the frontman to the kick-ass rock band STÖRMBREAKER.

What’s your definition of success? Has it changed over time?

Chris: To me, success is being able to take personal inventory at any point along the journey and be able to say with confidence that I’m living according to my values which include integrity and hard work. Success isn’t so much a destination or specific milestone, but rather a persistent mindset of “do the right thing” and “give it my best effort”. If you’d asked me this question 10 years ago, I probably would have focused on specific outcomes I wanted to achieve (e.g. get a record label to be interested in my music), but today my focus is on character and making sure I don’t waste any days standing still. 

Has someone ever done a random act of kindness to you?

Chris: I’ve been fortunate in my life to witness directly and indirectly the immense capacity we possess as human beings to translate our empathy into acts of kindness. While I don’t have a specific example in mind, I’m eternally optimistic for humankind as a result of the love and humanity I’ve experienced and observed throughout my lifetime. 

What have you done that you didn’t like, but would you be willing to give it another shot?

Chris: To me, there is a difference between not liking something tangible (maybe a particular food) vs. not liking something intangible (practicing math equations)…from that perspective, if there is something tangible I don’t like, I probably wouldn’t choose to repeat it because there isn’t any real value in pursuing it (i.e. whether I do that activity again or not is mostly inconsequential). On the other hand, intangible things such as practicing math equations, practicing guitar, etc. — I don’t particularly enjoy them, but if there is value in terms of personal development, I’m always willing to put in the effort. 

When you want to escape from everyone, where do you go?

Chris: I love going for a drive in my car with the right music playing and plenty of time to think/reflect. I also tend to get lost in playing my guitar which is always a great escape. 

What was your most recent experience of going down the rabbit hole?

Chris: I can easily get stuck on certain topics / ideas, and when I allow myself to do so, I sink a lot of time into researching it and better understanding it. I like to be informed. A recent example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. I frequently find myself looking for credible sources and more information to be able to form my own perspective on how to keep myself and my family safe. However, I don’t recommend going down this particular rabbit hole, as it seems to only lead to more confusion and uncertainty for now 🙂

Many thanks for Chris for taking time out of his day to do this interview with us!

For all news on upcoming releases be sure to follow STÖRMBREAKER on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Check out their last single “Heartless” below.

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