Five (Random) Questions with Mackenzie Nicole

Five (Random) Questions is our short interview series in which we use a random question generator to ask your favorite artists weird questions. Today’s interview is with singer-songwriter Mackenzie Nicole.

What topic can you bring up at a family gathering to instantly get everyone riled up?

Mackenzie: POLITICS. Surprise, surprise.

What does nobody want to talk about, but really should?

Mackenzie: Mental health, wellness, and illness.

What is something you thought would be a great idea but was terrible when you actually did it?

Mackenzie: Eating Andy’s frozen custard and getting boba every day for months (felt great until I started gaining weight…).

What was an experience you did not think much about at the time, but it ultimately made you a stronger person?

Mackenzie: As a chronic over-thinker, there has never been a single experience in my life that I did not think about in excess. But, if I had to pick any unexpected thing that made me a stronger person, I’d have to choose being the co-captain of the varsity debate team in high school. Those are some of my best high school memories.

Not only am I incredibly shy and have very low self-esteem, but I am also a young woman, and, in a society that teaches young women to make themselves smaller and more palatable so as not to rattle the confidence of our male counterparts, being in an environment that not only encouraged but expected outspoken intelligence and confidence was key to developing the capabilities necessary to handle the artistic and executive functions required of me by my job today. This probably sounds cliché, but it’s all true.

What’s the best trick someone has ever played on you?

Mackenzie: My ex tricked me into wasting five months and four days of my time on him. Ha-ha. What a trickster. (:

Many thanks to Mackenzie for taking time out of her day to do this interview.

Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all news and updates on future releases. Also, listen to her fantastic new album Mystic on Spotify.

Check out the accompanying short film below.

For more great music check out Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify playlist.

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