Discover: Monmoi

2020 AMGE

The latest single “Enemy” from London-based Monmoi is a yacht rock throwback reminiscent of Gayngs or Thundercat. The hook, which is built upon some fantastic synth playing, has an earworm quality and will stay in your head all day. The beat is very dance-able and will have you grooving with your number one love in short order.

The song is captivating, using classic sounds to produce an ethereal feeling. The sounds are simple, but unique and it offered me a temporary escape into a world without problems. It’s a little bit of sugar in a time where vinegar has rule over everything. I thank him for that.

Monmoi has built a dreamlike pop classic and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Be sure to follow Monmoi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out “Enemy” below.

You can listen to Monmoi and other great artists on Degraded’s September 2020 Spotify Playlist!

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