Nick Costa presents “Tell My Mother I Love Her”

2020 Nick Costa

According to Nick Costa, “Tell My Mother I Love Her” was recorded “in the wake of a 10-year relationship” and it really shows. The album is 10 songs of downtrodden introspection and wondering where things went wrong. The burnt out beauty of songs like “Sicka Tryna Love You” and “Ashes” are as heartbreaking as they are stunning.

His passion is on display from the first moments of the album. The breakup has taken its toll on him and he needs to let it out. Putting your feelings out there in such a public way cannot be easy, but I’m sure glad he did. This album is beautiful and one of my favorites of the year.

He plays almost all of the music himself and it lays the backdrop of testimonial lyrics perfectly with lush guitars leading the way. The stripped-down production is intimate and has the feeling of being in a dive bar where everyone is captivated by the sheer honesty of a man singing his heart out about a broken relationship. That type of honesty and solemness makes this is a perfect breakup album.

Be sure to follow Nick Costa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can buy “Tell My Mother I Love Her” on vinyl at his online store. You can also watch his latest video for “Caught Feelings” below.

You can listen to Nick Costa and other great artists on Degraded’s September 2020 Spotify playlist. Check it out!

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