Discover: dude inside

According to dude inside‘s bandcamp page this Cincinnati artist “never really thought of (himself) as a musician and if you really poked at me and squished my face up against a mirror and asked me to look deep within and point at what the core of my identity was, I’d probably say something like “scientist” or “question-asker” but even that would come with a little … Continue reading Discover: dude inside

Discover: Unicorns at Heart

According to their Submithub bio Unicorns at Heart “arrive from Hesperia, California, a desert town a few hours outside Los Angeles. Led by brothers Rico and Ryan Loredo, their music explores new corners of indie rock with an intricate medley of radiant guitar and eloquent synth” and that the brothers “grew up immersed in the melodies and harmonies of classic Beatles, Beach Boys, and Motown … Continue reading Discover: Unicorns at Heart

Discover: Callus

The latest song by Callus “Ports” is a slow burn of heartbreaking shimmer. The synth meshes well with the beautiful vocal melodies about a growing distance between lovers. All coming to the conclusion of the singer “I’ll try to put us back together.” This is a fantastic voyage about distance and the inability to let a relationship end even though they both know it’s over. … Continue reading Discover: Callus