Discover: Flagman

2020 GRUBIS Records

It’s hard to explain how much I appreciate this song. I sit and listen to unknown artists and I really enjoy it, but most don’t have the appreciation for 90’s alt metal quite like Flagman. The song “Dummy” is a look at what’s Primus’ influence had on the next generation of musicians and it’s fantastic. They describe themselves as “deep fried 3 piece alt/metal band from Orlando” and “enjoy all things GREASY.” This song is dirty and mean and fills my heart full of nostalgia for the days of my youth (in the 90’s) listening to 93.7 The EDGE on Minnesota airwaves while avoiding most everything going on in my household. It’s just so simple in it’s badassery.

It’s songs like this that make me realize that I am making the right choice in finding and writing about unknown artists. They might be my new favorite band.

Check them out on Degraded’s July 2020 Playlist!

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