Discover: Becomestrange

2020 Becomestrange

Becomestrange are really great at combining experimentation and beauty that defies any clear genre. “Hearts in the Right Place” is a lovely track that explores the very definitions of a song. It’s amazing how the song seems to change drastically from the very start. It floats somewhere between ambient, pop, electronica, and musique concrète, but honestly is undefinable. It’s really mesmerizing to the ears.

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding the group as the only information I’ve been able to find on them is that “13ecome the debut experimental chill wave album by Becomestrange [was] made over the course of two years in Florida from 2018 to 2020″ and that came from a Twitter account with no followers and two tweets. Either way, if your musical palette is open to new ideas and artistic forays into sonic soundscapes, this is a great band to check out. I think they’re wonderful. Check out the song below.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp for all the latest news on upcoming releases.

You can check out Becomestrange and other great artists on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify playlist.


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