Discover: ACEXXI

2020 CollectivGrey

ACEXXI is a Long Island native currently residing in Los Angeles. His latest song “Promises” features very strong lyrical flows and tight production. The song has a very cinematic quality, with breakdowns featuring orchestral music. Judging by the lyrics, his haters had better get out of his way. His firepower flows are gonna get some people caught in the crossfire because, “he’s built like a giant and you’re built like Danny Devito.”

I think he has a great sound and now’s the time to get on the ACEXXI train. At some point he’s going to take off and leave the haters behind because, “y’all here 24/6” when he’s “7 days with this sh#t.” That’s a work ethic I can get behind.

Artist bio: “ACEXXI delivers strong lyrical aggression over a bouncy melodic cadence. He is no stranger to crooning over emotional love songs, either. His smooth persona and raspy nonchalant tone easily grab your attention and put you in his world. Reigning from Long Island, ACEXXI keeps his roots strong in his hometown, but is currently expanding his taste and artistic motives in Los Angeles, California. ACEXXI is currently recording his new upcoming saga ‘Love War’ which will embody the compromises of going through life with and without love and knowing how love can be a double-edged sword.”

Check out the song below.

Be sure to follow ACEXXI on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out his website for all the latest news on upcoming release dates.

He also hosts a music podcast called The Grey Area and you can stream that here.

You can hear ACEXXI and other great artists on Degraded’s August 2020 Spotify Playlist.

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