Discover: Nu Blacc

2020 Oweirdgnal

All great songs are based on song structure, melody, and strong songwriting. You can be the greatest lyricist in the world, but without a hook the song isn’t memorable. Without structure the song will be weird and hard to follow. Without strong songwriting the lyrics will be laughable. “Distracted” by Nu Blacc checks all the boxes in terms of being an all around great song. Front to back the song is tight in terms of production. It has memorable lyrics like “I gave you my heart, yeah, you gave me your ass to kiss.” It has hooks built up and down the track that makes you sing along.

Distracted” is a perfectly produced hip hop track that stands out among the crowd because Nu Blacc has all the tools to be a stand out artist in the hip hop community. Never underestimate him because he his building his own legacy and constantly creating. Check out his latest album “Shine” that is released everywhere on July 10th.

Check out Nu Blacc on Degraded’s July 2020 Spotify Playlist!

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